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“Referral Strong programs help companies and teams, just like yours, increase referrals and sales!”

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Good business people network… GREAT business people CONNECT!

Connect better…SELL better!

The Referral Strong Programs will help you and your referral partner develop better referrals and increase the amount of business that you close together.

Immediate, Long Term Effects of Becoming Referral STRONG!”

– Clarity in direction for you and your referral partner –

–  Focus on development of referral strategies that will work –

– ROI on this workshop…IMMEDIATE action items you can take to WIN! –

“With almost forty years of being in my own business I thought I knew a lot about networking and referrals. After meeting Mike I found out I didn’t. Mike has shown me the proper networking skill and attitude of approachability we all need to increase our business”

Ray S.

St. Louis, MO

“Mike knows as much or more than anybody else I know about Networking, showing businesspeople how to push referrals to each other.”

Jeff E.

Springfield, IL

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How you are WIRED UP is how you are FIRED UP!

Gallup studied 250,000 Salespeople, 1 million customers, 80,000 managers

  • The TOP 25% of salespeople produced 57% of new business
  • The TOP 25% of salespeople sold 4x-10x that of the average salesperson
  • In the study, they found “The happier you feel about your performance, and the greater your satisfaction in that role, the more customers wanted to buy”
  • Customers who felt strongly positive about their rep were as much as 12x likely to repurchase….and refer!

This study shows that the “fit” of your work position will have more to do with the success of your business, especially when discussing sales and referral marketing. Being able to discover how you are naturally wired, using the Clifton Strengths assessment and Referral Strong Workshop, is key in going to the next level. Are you ready to SOAR?

Have you ever struggled with….

  • Networking that burns your time but yields minimal results?
  • A feeling that you are leaving money on the table?
  • A sense that your efforts could be more effective but without a system or a guide?



“How you are WIRED up is how you are FIRED UP!”


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